Presidential Election

Presidential debate has been one for the books

Kattie Lemus and Janet Belizaire


(Biden vs. Trump: General election battle is now set)
















It’s official, Joe Biden is now our 46th president and we have our first black female vice president Kamala Harris. Joe Biden was vice president for 8 years with former president Barack Obama. Kamala is an American politician and attorney. Her mother was born in India and her dad is Jamaican. She has three children Two girls and one boy and two adult step kids who call her  “momala”. President Biden has three kids and a wife. He has two late kids, a daughter Naomi Biden who died in a car crash and a son Beau Biden who died from brain cancer.


One of the main candidates was trump. Trump was the former president for the last 4 years. Trump was claiming victory before the results were in “Frankly, we did win this election,” Trump said, many trump supporters were very happy with this statement because they wanted trump to win because they liked his political views and how he was running this country, this got Gen-Z and other people who don’t support trump were furious and they went on social media to mock trump. A tik toker named Spence Wuah (@spencewuah on tik tok ) has a few videos on the app called tik tok to make fun of Trump supporters on the app saying how he doesnt understand how they can be upset that they still have their rights. A student from OM Katie Vargas when asked the question “what did you think about the presidential election?” she responded “what I think about the presidential election is that it was all over the place there was chaos everywhere it was such a close battle no one knew who was gonna win. It was very suspenseful and made everyone anxious”.


The electoral college is an electoral college is a set of electors who are selected to elect a candidate to particular offices. In order to win the presidential election a candidate must win 270 electoral votes. Each state has to vote for a political party that corresponds with a candidate and in this case each state was either a blue state or a red state (republican or democrat). In this presidential election Biden turned many states that were usually red states into blue states. Georgia and Arizona were both red states that turned blue this year and played a part in Biden winning. 


Biden winning will cause a lot of people’s lives to change. We asked Katie V “how has the presidential election affected you personally?” she responded with “the presidential election hasn’t really affected me.I didn’t think either candidates were good for our country, I just hope Biden can help us people of color in this country.” It will give many people to have and keep their rights that they deserve. He is making changes for people in a positive way by believing in science for climate change, taking action for covid-19, raising minimum wage, etc.