Student Athlete Spotlight

Marquaya Gumbs

Amari out on the field playing football

Introducing Amari N’namdi-Hall. Playing a sport at Owings Mills High School is a great privilege. Sports like football are very important to the student. Amari is in 11th grade he plays for the football team. Students like Amari are one of many that enjoy extra curricular activities, he practices every day after school to train and be ready for upcoming games. This is a commitment that he has made to be out on the field doing his best. When asked why he likes playing for Owings Mills his response was, “Because of the coaching staff and the people I play with, I enjoy playing for OMHS team- they make the game I love enjoyable.” Amari is a good example of how to balance school and extra activities. There is a secret formula to his success. In order to be the best on the field and a good student in the classroom, you need to “study, train and rest” because there are the “3 most important things when it comes to being a successful student-athlete.” All in all, Amari is a star athlete and we are proud to have a student like him representing our school on the field and in the classroom.