Tessie Lawal and Sammyyah Lawal

                                                                                                           Tessie and Sammyyah Lawal



 pictures on top show different activities student participate in during virtual enrichment. Made by International School of Tianjin.

Virtual Enrichment, activities pertaining to the exploration of hobbies and interests through the internet for students, has been offered to Owings Mills students on some Wednesdays.

As the new academic year starts for students at Owings Mills High School, the staff proposed virtual activities in which student can stay active on Wednesdays. The question now is are those activities beneficial to students?

Elizabeth, a 10th grader at Owings Mills, says, “I feel like clubs are a really good way for students and teachers to bond and communicate with each other.” She implies that through such enrichment activities, the Owings Mills High community are able to stay connected with one another despite the sad times we are in. Elizabeth also says, “Joining clubs is also a good way to form new friendships.” Enrichment is not only for growth hobby wise, but also for creating new friendships to ease our state of being.

On the contrary of enrichment being beneficial, some students voiced that it was a waste of time and not helpful at all. Chris, an 11th grader at Owings Mills says, “Wednesday is for my art, THAT is my enrichment.” This shows that students have other hobbies they pursue out of school and they would participate in those hobbies rather than the one given out at school.

Another student, Trinity, a 10th grader, “I like that the school has a broad range of activities and clubs to join, but I personally feel use Wednesday to make up work for classes and I frankly don’t have time for joining.” From their point of view, enrichment can be beneficial to some, but due to other factors like school- work, outside hobbies, work, and more, enrichment is just not in their bible.

In addition to Trinity’s view, Elizabeth says “I would join a club but due to the stress of virtual learning, I don’t think I would be able to handle it.” Virtual enrichment is seen as advantageous but only to those who have the time.

All in all, enrichment is generally useful, but when it comes down to each individual students, that’s where factors influencing their decision to participate comes in.