Nerds and Geeks Alike; OMHS and BCPL Team-Up

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Avery M

Avid readers are seen here at our school very much, especially when it comes to graphic novels. And with the most recent Graphic Novel book club here at Owings Mills, students are coming together to read their favorite books and share topics and discussions.

Demon Slayer

The Baltimore County Public Library has installed many events and programs, dedicated for all ages alike, at all of its 21 branches. But the BCPL does travel to BCPS high schools and hold events as well. BCPL Liberian Jake Ciarapica has been the advisor for the Graphic Novel Club at New Town High. “Right around when they started the club last year in New Town, the media specialist for the club was retiring and gave the idea to Ms. Yates to start the club here,” Ciarapica said. BCPL Liberian Deja Gomez is the Graphic Novel Club’s advisor as well.

So far in the club, there are 8 students who all share a love for manga, anime, or any comic books in general. The club has read the books Death Note, a manga about a high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone by writing the victim’s name while picturing their face, and Demon Slayer, a manga following Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy who becomes a demon slayer after his family is slaughtered and his younger sister Nezuko is turned into a demon.

Death Note

Several students gave their opinions on each book, stating, “Light wants to make his own rules and both characters are very smart and the plans they come up which audience/readers wouldn’t think of.” “Death Note was the first I ever watched and I instantly fell in love with it.” “I try to put myself in Light shoes and ask myself what I do the same thing he does. “The animation is amazing.” and  “The anime shows more empathy and more emotion.” Gomez and Ciarapica asked the group compelling questions such as “What do you think  L would do if he found the Death Note?” “Do you think what Light is doing is good, bad, or neutral?” and “Is Light a likable character?”


All group members became very passionate and compelled about sharing their opinions, thoughts, and questions. Science teacher John Dalay even jumped in, sharing his thoughts on both Demon Slayer and Death Note and few favorites animes of his own.

The club changes every two weeks, with this week’s books being Tokyo Ghoul,  Fairy Tail, Chilling Adventures of Serena. Graphic Novel Book Club is open to all students. For more information on the club and how to join, see Ms. Yates in the Learning Common.

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