Bubble Tea, Milk Tea, Slush, Punch & More


Avery M, Section Editor

OMHS’s Art Department has been very active this year when it comes to fundraisers, with the most recent one being at Kung Fu Tea at the Metro Center on Dec 3rd . Art educator Maria Anagnostou has been very excited when Kung Fu Tea reached out to her, stating, “Kung Fu Tea had actually reached out to one of my school Instagram pages asking if there was a way that they could get involved in any of our school events. Ms. Garove and I LOVE bubble tea, so we were so excited to ask for a fundraiser night!”

Teachers drinking tea

About 15 students came out to help support the Department, with a few school staff members coming out as well. Students who presented their school ID were given a 10% discount off their beverage. The Bubble Tea Pong Competition, an interactive and fun game to try to get a ping pong ball in the cups on the table, was also at the restaurant as well. 10th grader Yackelyn Solorzano won and was given a gift card for more bubble teas in the future.

Students participating in Bubble Tea Pong Competition

According to Anagnostou, this fundraiser has been the most fun for the Department. “The location was unique, it was a new treat that many were trying for the first time, and there was a competition! Kung fu tea was making samples for the students to try as well, which was really kind of them.” Anagnostou said. Anagnostou actually goes to Kung Fu Tea in her free time and purchases the grapefruit green tea with boba.

Students posing for a picture

The next big event for the fundraiser will be the Annual OMHS Art Show. Anagnostou said, “ The event is free, as are some of the activities (craft making, photo booth, refreshments), however, there are a few activities that can be paid for (henna tattoos, face painting, etc) and funds go towards the art department.” The event will be held Thursday, Mar. 19 (Snow date Friday, Mar. 20.)

For more information on the Art Department, follow their Instagram @omhsvpa or visit Anagnostou in the art wing.