Football Team’s GLOWing Homecoming Victory

Elizabeth Elendu, Sports Editor

On October 18, 2019, at the Owings Mills football stadium, the OMHS Eagles, for their Homecoming game, challenged the Chesapeake High School Bay Hawks. Feeling hopeful, the Eagles played a game that any team would be proud of.

As the clock crept closer to 6:00, the team was feeling hopeful and ready to play as they faced a team that usually puts forth a challenging. The National Anthem rang through the stadium as the crowd rose to their feet. The tune finished, and the crowd started to get excited for the beginning of the game. The Eagles took the field and the ball launched into the air as the game got under way.

According to one of the Assistant Coaches, PE teacher Joshua Leese, the team had “a slower start when they went in”, even though they scored 24 points in the fist quarter and six points in the second quarter. Through the cold and the slow start, the team was able to hold off the Bay Hawks offense keeping the score 30-0 at the conclusion of the first half.

As half time got under way, the OMHS cheerleaders took the field and performed their halftime show for the crowd, giving the teams a chance to talk and prepare for the second half.

Due to the cold and windy weather, many spectators began to leave before the second half began, but that did not stop the Eagles from continuing their run and ultimately taking home a major victory against the Bay Hawks. Even the empty stadium and the cold weather could not put a damper on the teams exciting 60-0 win.