Erin Griffin, OMHS Community Editor

During the week of Oct. 11, Owings Mills High School held their annual Spirit Week. The school’s SGA chose the theme days for students and teacher to participate as the school anticipated the upcoming Homecoming football game and Homecoming Dance.

The original themes chosen by SGA were: Monday- Flag Day, Tuesday- Sports Jersey Day, Wedneday- College T-Shirt Day and Thursday- OM Spirit Day. There was no theme for Friday as schools were closed for the annual MSDE conference. As students began walking into school on Monday Oct. 11, there was an obvious difference in the spirit clothes the students were wearing compared to what the theme was suppose to be.

Unhappy with the chosen spirit days, a group of students at Owings Mills created an alternate spirit week theme: Monday- Pajama Day, Tuesday- Character Day, Wednesday- 90s Day, and Thursday remaind the same OM spirit day.  Students came to school representing these alternate themes, but these themes still did not seem to encourage more students to participate in spirit week. Across all grades, it seemed that participation in spirit days was low, and most students chose to just wear normal clothing attire rather than participate in spirit days.